Live Image Monitoring

Keeping an eye on things






Live Monitoring

Cyclops Monitoring helps you keep an eye on the things that are important to you 24/7 using any security camera

Still images transmitted from security cameras are monitored in near real-time using a professional central monitoring centre. Images are viewed by Monitoring Operators and acted upon immediately, providing quick, reliable response.


Site Security

In the outdoor environment, monitoring traditional security alarms is challenging. With the use of security cameras and virtual motion detection, passive infrared or advanced video analytics, Cyclops is able to capture still images of criminals and dispatch security or Police response to your site.

Cyclops Monitoring can monitor multiple cameras on any construction site, school, car yard, warehouse - just about any commercial or residential premises.


Cyclops Monitoring can provide a completely wire-free solution for image monitoring. Cameras can be either solar or battery powered and utilise an internal cellular modem to transmit images. Wire-free solutions are ideal for construction or remote sites where mains power and fixed-line internet is unavailable.



Web Client

self monitoring platform for access to the latest images

Our custom built web interface allows users to securely view all images captured by their security cameras.



Using locally produced, purpose-built, low power time-lapse cameras, clients can view up-to-date time-lapse images from anywhere in the world. Images are captured at ten minute intervals and can be played back in time-lapse at anytime. A full video is professionally compiled at the end of the project displaying smooth video of the project from start to end.

Optionally, time-lapse cameras can be solar powered and utilise a cellular modem for truly remote sites.

A secure web portal is provided to view and playback images.



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